Sunday, November 21, 2010

Outstanding !

It has been   a brave move joining an online writer's group. Writing is such a solitary occupation, to put yourself out there in front of your peers takes some doing -  terrifying...But, how stimulating !!

Last night someone asked on Litopia is it okay to have 9 Points of View (POV's) in one chapter. So, going for it I wrote :

"9 POV's .. tutted the Vicar's wife; that sounds like rather a lot
Well said Henry that depends on your view point
Sounds as you use your brains messin' up people's cats said Douglas bitterly.
I think it could work well in a murder mystery plot said the policeman who was ofa credulous disposition.
Oh yes that's a point said the doctor having examined his patient.
Robert paled.
I guess said the Russian Prince it could be factual in which case 9 POV's could be very informative, but that's not the same as being a Bolshevist.
I like the idea of 9 different takes on a situation said Sir Gerald taking a firm hold of William's ear.
I think I'd forget everyone's opinion except the last one by the end of the chapter said the blonde beauty whose name, by the way, was Clarinda Bellew.
Yes I am not too good at remembering characters said the Major. A short stout stick taken from the hedgerows completed the effect.
You could give them 9 different accents, that would make them more memorable said Ginger's aunt.
Bet ole Hubert won't have anything like that said Ginger."

..and that has attracted some great comments. Outstanding said someone. This has  really lifted  me up this morning.

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