Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Song Sung Blue

What is it  about those letters that I send out to Agents that is so quiveringly, shrinkingly , knee-tremblingly terrible ? Goodness sake.

It's not as if I don't spend a long time  cultivating every nuance and tone, trying to convey a sophisticated air of - what...?? Arrrrgh......

My first "LP" was Hot August Night, so  I always watch, with nostalgia  ,Neil Diamond when he is on the TV;  his concert, you know,  was the best I have ever been too. Something he said though  the other night  has  just whacked  home.

You wouldn't think it ,but apparently it took Neil Diamond an age to learn how to do what he does on stage. The key,  he said,  is getting to know who you are .

I have these  flickering notions   of who I am as a husband, an activist for the rights of the sick and disabled, some  kind  of  blogger in the ME community - but who  am I an author? I do not know....

Even though I've actually had two books published,  by mainstream publishers , the fact is  I  never think of myself , when I go to bed,  in the early hours or   when I get up, as an "author". Whatever that means ...

Getting two  books published has,up to now,  seemed to be, well,  one of those things; clearly that's poppycock, my Lycra-clad self -on-a bike promulgated this morning , nothing but fields and seagulls.  Most people do not "just"  get two books published .

Never mind those other  two books, this one is my life's work, my  passion. I've got to believe in  it and in me - or go mad.

Hence this Blog.


  1. Myself, and I am certain that many others believe in it, and especially in YOU. Reading your stonebird blog and also this today has made me smile. You ARE an author. You have so much to give and this is so right for you to follow your passion. I am very excited for you and very much look forward to following your success! :-)

  2. Greg....I follow Stonebird and have reposted your work on my page many times....Your heart and your courage shine thru every word. Your gifted..Share it...Love you and thank-you for all the words..that have pulled me thru some rough days..I also have ME..diagnosed 1991..Pease write.....FB Clare A. Keefe