Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Just like in  other online communities, the author's "colony", I have found out very quickly,   has its share of those sad, certainly  lonely  individuals,  who think it is so terribly  witty, presumably, or impressive on some hard to fathom, probably   pathological  level, to plaster serious and sensitive discussion threads with their want-to-punch-them-on-the-nose brand of shouted shallow smugness.

I have no time for  this terribly  odd nastiness that appears to contaminate the online world.

I was looking forward to refined  discussion with fellow authors, seriously intent on exploring our craft together. Instead I find the kind of  yah-boo  point-scoring, dripping off  the message boards  like spit,  that the rest of us grew out of in Primary School.

So the learning, as elsewhere online, is to avoid most of what goes on;  those who pontificate so,  are not authors, in any sense, serious about getting published.

Back to my Garrett and candle I run.

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  1. Hi Greg
    The thing to bear in mind is over 90% of the posts on writers' forums is garbage - attention seekers who know nothing pontificating about things they don't understand. The trick is to sort out the wheat from the chaff. You're obviously a fast learner.
    Like the blog, by the way.